One of Mushimaru Fujiedafs main activities is 
    Natural Physical Poetry (gTennen Nikutai Shih): 
    A solo-performance dance expressing emotional moments in life, 
    symbolically expressed as if it was parts of poetry, 
    and producing tension and lyricism. 
    His other activities have included: a mask dance-drama for
    Himalayan religious ceremonies;collaboration in theatrical
    presentations with musicians, and with the American poet 
   Allen Ginsberg; appearance on stage at gRainbow 2000h, 
    a techno first at a festival in Japan; performances with Finlandfs
    master musician Eduard Vesala;
    appearance at the Juksan  International Arts Festival in Korea, 
    and on television on the Kyoto Satellite Channel; producing and
    performing in "Asian Performing Arts Nowh in Japan with dancer 
    Edwin Lung, and with the Korean company Paekche under
    Professor Sung-Sik Chang.  

      Mushimaru Fujieda has also worked as an actor, scriptwriter,
     director, producer,
writer and dancer, internationally since 1972.
     His work has appeared on television programs,and on radio, 
     and has been featured in magazines and newspapers; 
     he has also performed in theatres, including festivals 
     in New York City, Nepal, Avignon,Glastonbury and Taiwan, 
     at outdoor techno shows and toured extensively as the following
     locations show.   















United Kingdom







  Born                  1952 in Handa city, Aichi Prefecture, Japan
Education         1972-1974: Attended Tottori University and became
              a play actor while in the veterinary department

             Professional Career & @Overseas invitation

1974        Established a drama company and became a scriptwriter, 
                 director and actor.

1977        Joined Nihon Ishin-ha, a theatrical company known for its members
                 constructing their own theater on stage using thousands of logs.
            Was engaged as an actor and performer for 12 years thereafter
                 appearing in every production by the company.

1989        Became independent of Ishin-ha and began a solo performance 
career as gMushimaru Dokugih.

1990        Started an overseas performance tour from the Taklimakkhan
                 to Tibet.  The tour was taken up by the media on TV, radio,
                 and newspapers  where I was designated gDancer in Deserth.
                Became a reporter for a radio station program.

1991       Was engaged in a Trans America performance tour and became
acquainted  with the poet Allen Ginsburg in New York City.
                 Joined a dance-drama tour that traveled in Europe and performed
in Italy and France. Regularly appeared in a TV-Series in Japan.

1992       Gave my own physical expression a name gNatural Physical Poetryh
                and began a series of public performances travelling throughout Japan.
                Toured in China, Mongolia, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, France
                and Greece. Published a journal during the previous tours entitled
                gMushi no shiraseh (premonition). Produced gA-Un-Gih, a series of
                live session events improvised by artists of different genres, 
  lasted until 1997. Completed the tour throughout Japan from
  to Okinawa.
1994       Produced gMoonlight Celebrationh, a collaboration series of dance,
                music and fine arts which is continually performed to date. 
and performed in a masque drama-dance with masks used 
Himalayan religious ceremonies. 
                A continuos live performance 
improvisation for 8 hours along 
                with fine artists musicians.

1995      Appeared in Nepal in a 10-hour prompt live performance. 
on stage in the first Osaka Dance Experience performing 
to date. Participated in a performance tour to Kailash, 
               the sacred
mountain of Tibet.
               Performed in gChejudi Pre-Biennaleh, Korea.

1996      Exceeded 100 performances during a one year period, performing
Kitaro during a tour with Koichi Tamano in public performances 
               in Seoul
and Pusan, Korea. Appeared on the stage of gRainbow 2000h,
               the first
techno festival in Japan.

1997     Performed in Thailand and Korea together with Haruomi Hosono
gRainbow 2000hand won the gBest Improvised Dance Awardh 
              of the
second  Tobita Theater Prize.
              Planning an art event of gChance Operationh, 
              connected with Finlands
master  musician  Edward Vesala and
              performed together. 
reports have been serialized in a monthly magazine.

1998     Performed in gSpring Scream Festivalh in Taiwan, 
              and gJuksan
International Arts Festival h in Korea.
              Present Dancing to express the
four seasons of Kyoto in a program
              called  gKyoto Color Pictorialh
which appeared on Sky-Perfect TVfs
              Kyoto channel, Japans
satellite broadcasting station. 
              Performed in g98 Guan-Dong International
Experimental Theater Modern
              Arts Festivalh in China.

1999     Performed in gSpring Scream Festivalh in Taiwan. Was producer and
performed in  gAsian Performing Arts Nowh in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka,
              Japan along with Hong-Kongfs dancer Edwin Lung and the Korean 
              drama company Paekche Theater Ensemble with Prof. Sung-Sik Chang
as  the leader.
              Performed in gChunchon International Theater Festivalh
in Korea. 
              Performed in gCROSSCURRENT 2h, the New York SQUID
Dance Studio.

2000     Performed in gSpring Scream Festivalh in Taiwan,
              the gGlastonbury
Festivalh in the U.K.,and the gAvignon Festivalh in France.
              Created and performed in a new masque drama-dance in Japan  with
masks used for Himalayan religious ceremonies.

2001     Appeared in the 2nd Butoh-Festival at Espace Culturel Bertin-Poirée
Paris,France; Japan-Expo 2001, KIRARA-HAKU, Yamaguchi, Japan;
Canterbury Festival,U.K..

2002     Appeared in India tour for performances in Goa, Bocroda, 
and Dehli; 
              1st maquma-Project in Sakurajima Kagoshima, Japan;
           Pum-nam Festival in Janju, Korea; held performances in Finland, 
and in „The Song of the Windsg Butoh-Dance 
               in Schloss Freudenberg,
Wiesbaden, Germany.  

2003    Accept an invitation, appeared in the 4th Butoh-Festival 
             Espace Culturel Bertin-Poirée
             f@CSchloss Freudenberg, Dance Workshop for Kinder,
             Japan consulate, fD

2004@@Accept an invitation, appeared in the "The Night of the japanese Butoh 
              Dance"C2004 Korea Experimental Arts Festival,Korea.

Appeared in gChunchon International Mime Festivalh ,"kuchon Festival",
"2005 Korea Experimental Arts Festival",in  Korea.

Appeared in gChunchon International Mime Festivalh ,
               "2006 Korea Experimental Arts Festival", "Gwacheon Hanmadang Festival",
               in  Korea.










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  Image work

Sky-perfect TV Kyoto channel "Kyoto Shikisai Zukan" starring.
            It will be national televising in 98- 99.
               "Shikoku zyunrei(Shikoku pilgrimage)"  
sacred place in Shikoku  with Takudo Fukumoto(syakuhachi).
            "Tsuki no kanata ni(Over the Moon)" 
Ginji-Ogawa,lock guitarist.

ther URL  http://www.d1.dion.ne.jp/~takudoo/musimaru.htm